Simply Heidi

Hi!! I’m Heidi. The journey that I’m on started with 2 separate occasions. The first, a global pandemic mixed with earthquakes in my area, led me to trying to be more prepared for what life throws at us. #toiletpaper2020

Not only toilet paper, but in my area bread, flour and yeast was hard to come by during that time. I knew that I needed to learn some skills and have ingredients in my home in case that were to ever happen again.

Which, to sum it all up for me, is my journey of food preservation, emergency preparedness and things made from scratch. I had no idea how addicting canning can be!!

I’d love it if you follow along my journey here, on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Sometimes I’ll get feedback that is SO helpful! And while I’ve learned some, I’m still learning, and I love learning new tips or tricks.