Ok I’m a HUGE reader. I absolutely love books and I have separate accounts on Instagram and TikTok that are just book related and I’d love to have you follow along there!

I’m going to eventually start adding book content to my blog.

Until then, here are some links that may interest you.

If you have questions about any books, let me know! I will tell you what I know, if I’ve read it and what I think of it. If I haven’t read it, I will either read it, do some major research about the book and give you feedback based on your question.

Are you a reader?? What book content interests you most?

Heidi’s book wish list – This is a list of books that I want. I’ve either read them and want a physical copy or I haven’t read them yet, but I’ve heard good things about them. Don’t use this list as judgement to get books. There may be books in there that might not be for you.

Heidi’s Goodreads – This is where I track the books that I’ve read and the ones that I’d like to read. I do try to keep my books on the cleaner side, more PG-13 if I were watching a movie, so keep that in mind as you take a look at what I’ve read. 🙂


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♬ Goddess – Hatchrr & Deathrose

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