Homeschool Curriculum 2024/2025

This will be our first full year of homeschooling. I started in 2024 but started halfway through the school year. I refer to that as my warmup homeschool experience.

I’ve got a first grader for this school year so it’s our first full year of school as well (we did half a day of kindergarten at public school until I decided to supplement it with homeschool halfway through the year).

My plan is to do Language Arts, Handwriting and Math daily. Science and History will be one to two times a week. We also will be sprinkling in some gospel lessons in the morning to help set the tone for our day.

There are so many curriculums out there to choose from, but this is what I settled on.

Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

The Good and the Beautiful is who we went with for our Language Arts. I absolutely love that it is an open and go type of curriculum. There’s only one book, not one for the child and one for me. It’s Christian based, but not religion based, and I love that they incorporate good core values in the lessons.

There are 120 lessons for the year, so I plan to do Language Arts for 4 days each week. If we need to do half a lesson or come back to a concept, we can use our 5th day to do that.

One awesome thing about this curriculum is that you can download it for FREE! Keep in mind that printing it off somewhere would probably be more expensive than buying the books, but it’s an option. Or if you have an awesome printer like this one that I have, it wouldn’t be so bad. I talk about that printer and more in my Must Have Homeschool Items.

Math Homeschool Curriculum

This is the other subject that I went with The Good and the Beautiful curriculum. However, the reason for this is because I got this for free from my sister. I have two sisters who also homeschool their children and one of them had an extra set that they hadn’t used and wouldn’t need since her kids are older. I know I lucked out and have the best sisters ever. (All of them are amazing. I have FIVE! Another way I’m lucky I know.)

History Homeschool Curriculum

I’ve decided to go with Story of the World for our History curriculum. I was looking for more of a classic take on history, so we are trying this. This curriculum is broken up into 4 books, with Volume 1 starting with Ancient Times. Volume 2 is The Middle Ages; Volume 3 is Early Modern Times and Volume 4 is Modern Times. I love that the books go in order with how the history happened. Makes sense in my head.

With us just starting in first grade, I’m not going to go too in depth with history just yet.

My second choice for History was Beautiful Feet curriculum. I’ve heard such great things about this curriculum, and I’m such a book dragon (a.k.a. a book hoarder) that I may one day just buy this curriculum as well.

Science Curriculum

I’m not doing a specific curriculum for our science studies this year. We are doing a garden this summer and then plan to preserve some of the food (canning) so that will be many lessons between growing the food and then preserving and also cooking the food.

I also plan to supplement with some videos from Bill Nye the science guy. I’m currently looking for other awesome science people so if you know of a good one, please share!


I went with The Good and the Beautiful Handwriting booklets. They make the handwriting fun and not so boring for my littles.

It’s teaching great motor skills to my 3 yr old and my 6 yr old is getting great practice on how to correctly write letters out.


This exhausted me! But in a good way! I’m so excited for this fall to start so that we can get into all the fun stuff I’ve got planned and to finally figure out a good schedule for us. This is my current plan for our schedule, but we will see what the schedule ends up looking like at the end of the school year.

Let’s be friends! I’m just starting my homeschool journey and I’d love to see and hear all about experiences from others. You can find me on find me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

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