Homeschool Schedule 2024/2025

I’m not going to lie, coming up with a homeschool schedule from scratch was one of the hardest things ever! Everyone has an opinion and why one way is better than another.

When I started researching the best schedules, I discovered that not only having a schedule for the day, but also for the week was a thing.

It all made my head hurt.

What’s important?

So, I decided to put pen to paper and I just wrote out what I wanted to work on with my kids. And it’s kind of a lot. I knew I had to narrow it down, because honestly they are still young and some things I could just incorporate into our daily lives and not necessarily in “school”. I also picked out what curriculum we would use as well.

As I went through this process, I knew that with my kids attention span, I wanted to focus on the main subjects daily and then just hit the other ones one day a week and do more of a thorough lesson that day. It would make our homeschool days not be forever long and also help them focus on the actual topics we were focusing on.

The core subjects we are focusing on daily are: Language Arts, Math, Handwriting and Reading. I know that reading is part of the Language Arts, but I’d like to focus a lot on Reading so it’s getting it’s own category.

If I sound like I have no idea what I’m talking about, you’d be right. I’m honestly just starting this whole homeschool process and coming up with my own homeschool schedule is daunting for me.

The other subjects we will be focusing on once a week (more if I decide we need it) will be: History, Science and Art.

I’ve got a first grader and preschool so I don’t want to overdue things. I may add things in depending on things go.

Our homeschool schedule for 2024/2025

I’ve broken it up into things we focus on daily, our power hour and then also what we do each day of the week.

I’ve got this printout of what I’ve decided on and I plan to laminate it and have it displayed to help me remember, without too much effort on my part because mom brain is a serious thing with me.


Our Power should take about an hour.

Then, I’m thinking we will have a snack and a short break to get some wiggles out.

Then we will dive into our Language Arts and Math.

Another short break and then get some exercise in for the day. (I may move this up before everything else, we will see).

I plan then to finish up the day with our rotating lesson. Loop subject? I don’t know what to call it. But basically, it’s the other subject we will be focusing on that will change depending on what day it is.

Obviously, we need to eat meals like breakfast and lunch in there sometime. I don’t plan to start school until about 9 a.m. so breakfast will be over by that time. As for lunch, I’m hoping we will be done just in time for lunch. If we need more time to focus on certain concepts or if a lesson went longer than anticipated we have time to be able to get everything done that we need to.

Homeschool schedule

I think this is one of those things that will look different for every family. There are so many factors as in how many kids you have, the ages of said, if you work or don’t work and so much more.

Sometimes it’s helpful to see what other people are doing to help you decide on what works for you. And then sometimes, you just need to jump in and figure it out that way.

I’m curious, what’s the favorite part of your homeschool schedule and day?


Let’s be friends! I’m just starting my homeschool journey and I’d love to see and hear all about experiences from others. You can find me on find me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

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