Homeschool schedule Spring/Summer 2024

We are finishing my child’s kindergarten year but supplementing with some homeschooling. We will be homeschooling full time come fall, but we wanted to jump in and start now. We are still attending public school until the end of the school year so as of right now we are just supplementing.

Since we are supplementing, we are just working on Language Arts, Math and handwriting. I’m also adding some scripture/gospel study as well. We are Christians and since it’s something I want to be doing anyways; it makes it easy to add it into our homeschooling.


We are using The Good and the Beautiful curriculum for all Language Arts, Math and handwriting this year.

I’m getting Language Arts for free as a download from their website. (You can too here!) We go through a few lessons a day and only spend 10 minutes, if that, on Language Arts. I just want to make sure we are ready to start Level 1 with The Good and the Beautiful, since that is what we have for the fall. And if we are not, we just keep going with kindergarten.

I have a Kindergarten Math book from a sister of mine who had an extra she never used. I know, I’m beyond lucky in so many ways. So far, things are going well. It’s hard to gauge where we need to start since we are coming into this towards the end of the year, but it’s also nice to see where my child is academically.

I bought a handwriting packet for Kinder and also Level 1. We are going through the kindergarten one now so that we can be going with the Level 1 come fall.

Homeschool schedule.

Since we are still doing the whole public-school thing right now, our schedule is going to look different than it will in the fall. But here’s a rundown of what we do and about the order we do it in.

Remember, this is my first year and so I’m still figuring things out and trying things to see what works. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with one schedule, or you have to do it one way or another, do what works best for you and your family.

We are working on school after we’ve had some lunch and after my kindergartener has had some time to get some wiggles out and almost de-stress from school that morning.

Morning Basket (We call it our Power Hour)

Language Arts


That’s basically it. I don’t want to go into a full schedule with my kindergartner just yet, since we still do a few hours of public school in the morning, so this works. And honestly, right now, some days it just doesn’t happen. And while we can get away with that right now, I know once it’s just on me it won’t be like this, but I’m trying to go with my child and how things feel.

Homeschool Schedule for the Fall 2024

I’ve already got a plan on how I want our schedule to look like for this fall and you can read all about that here. I may end up revising it, and I’m ok with that. My brain just needed to get something figured out and a plan so that I could no longer stress about it.

Let’s be friends! I’m just starting my homeschool journey and I’d love to see and hear all about experiences from others. You can find me on find me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

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