Meals in a bag.

What are meals in a bag?

Basically, it’s everything you would need for a meal for your family all in a bag. Nothing refrigerated, nothing in the freezer and no need to run to the store for anything.

You have everything you need in the bag to quickly grab and make a meal from home.

These are great for nights that are crazy, and you need something that can be quick to make for your family, so you don’t have to rely on fast food. You can store these for some short-term food storage. Short-term because they don’t last forever and it’s something you should rotate through.

How do I make meals in a bag

Making meals in a bag is easier than you might think.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to find or make a list of your favorite recipes. Then, when you’re looking at the ingredients, you’ll want to convert anything that is typically frozen or refrigerated and find a shelf stable replacement.

Some items will be easy to replace, and others may take some creativity.

Once you have your shelf stable ingredients, you can start shopping!

Ideas to help you get started on your own meals in a bag.

I’ve got 2 separate posts that contain 10 dinner ideas each.

Take a look at them and either take those ideas or hopefully it sparks new ideas on meals you cook for your family.

Shelf Stable Meals in a bag

Shelf Stable Meals in a bag part 2.

Go without. . .

This kind of goes along with finding shelf stable ingredients but I wanted to have a separate space for it.

If you’re gathering items for a meal and that meal calls for cheese to be sprinkled on top before you cook it, and you’re prepping these bags for an emergency or maybe you don’t have cheese in your house and you need to make a quick dinner, ask yourself, can this meal be good without cheese? Yes, cheese will help make it fabulous, but can it still be eaten without the cheese?

Sometimes, it’s ok to not have all the ingredients for certain recipes. This doesn’t work for all recipes or ingredients but keep it in mind that it’s ok to go without some ingredients sometimes.

Do I put all the ingredients in the bag?

This is a question that pops up quite often. And then answer is, it depends.

What is the reason you’re putting together these meals in a bag?

If you’re putting them together to help have dinner meals ready to go in minutes, then probably not. You’ll want to gather all shelf stable ingredients, but do you want to add in a bottle of water to help cook the rice? Do you want to portion out all the spices needed for this meal?

If you’re doing it for more of an emergency preparedness thing for ANY type of emergency including food shortages, job loss, health issues, natural disaster or anything else then I would say yes. Add in any water needed to help make that meal. Portion out all the spices needed to make it.


Thanks for being here with me! Things can get crazy and uncertain at times and it’s comforting knowing that others are doing things like this for their own families as well.

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Make an Emergency Binder for your family.

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