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Homeschool morning basket

I’m just beginning my homeschool journey and I kept seeing this idea of a “morning basket”. I had no idea what it was until I started to do some research. And then as I was trying to put together our routine for our days, I decided that a morning basket made sense for us.

A morning basket is essentially a way to ease into your homeschool day. It’s the beginning of a routine and can help set the tone for the day. It can be filled with things that can be done independently or together such as devotionals, music, books, memorization work, poems, worksheets, art etc.

I like to keep things in my morning basket that I want to fit into our day but isn’t part of our core subjects. Reading is a big part of my life and I really would love to instill a love of reading into my kids and this time in our day is going to help me with that.

*You don’t need an actual basket; a tote, bag, a section of your counter or anything else would work. Just something/someplace to keep all of these items in one spot. I like to have it in something so that if we decide to take our homeschool on the road to a park or in the mountains or even at my parents house, I have what I need.

What’s in my basket

My morning basket is catered to what I believe is important. What I have in mine, you may decide you don’t want it in yours. And that is one beauty of homeschool. We all get to choose what is taught in our home and it’s something that you can make your own and something that works for your needs.

Before I get into it, I need to mention that I don’t like the name of “morning basket”, because it makes me feel like I have to do it in the morning. And that’s absolutely not the case. So instead, we like to call it our Power Hour. It gives my brain permission to do it later if we need, but also gives me motivation to get it done. Because I truly believe that what is in my Power Hour basket, is important to my children and will help them in many ways.

Gospel Learning/Devotional

I like to start our days out with prayer and some scripture. Many times, I will add in a story or will go into more depth of the scriptures. I rotate what I keep in the basket based on what we are reading and focusing on.

I like to think that when my littles get older, I will put this part on them and have them lead the devotional in the mornings and rotate and take turns.

Read A-Loud Book

I love reading aloud to my littles and this is a great time to incorporate it into our day. Some days I will read to them during a meal or even just a snack when we take a short break from school. Sometimes, my littles will color or do something quietly while I read to them.

Weather/Days of the week

Since we still have littles, we do go over what day of the week it is, months, seasons and the weather. We will talk about our schedules and if we have anything going on and just focus a few minutes each day on this.

Flash cards

This can change depending on what we are learning, but since we are learning letter sounds currently, I’ve got big flashcards we go through every single day.

If I feel we need to focus on certain letter sounds, I will just have a handle we do and talk about certain items that go along with that sound.


If for whatever reason, I’m not ready to start the school day yet but my kids are, I don’t let that go to waste. I will have worksheets in the basket that they can do independently while I finish whatever I’m doing and be ready for the day like them.

I also them because if I’m helping one of my children with something, I can have the other work on worksheets instead of having them get distracted or bored during that time.


I have little booklets that I have for each of my children to work on their handwriting. It’s been very beneficial for my 3 yr old and the motor skills.

I will probably continue handwriting until about 3rd grade and then switch it over to learning cursive. And work on that until I feel like that skill has been mastered.

Doodle books/Activity books

I spoke a bit about this when I mentioned the Read A-Loud books, but I will have doodle books and activity books in my basket for use during reading time.

I will also occasionally pull them out if we need a mental break from school and use it as kind of a reset moment.

Drawing Boards

I love having these in our basket because I will use them when I want to throw random letters/equations at them. It helps me gauge where they are and also helps to instill what we are talking about.

I talk about these, and all my favorite homeschool supplies here. I would also love to hear what you use and what I’m missing.

Power Hour Basket

What’s in my Power Hour a.k.a. Morning Basket, is going to change over the years. Right now, I have littles and so it’s going to be catered to my littles. As they get older, I think that I’ll keep catering it to my oldest homeschooled child. And then when my next gets a bit older, it’ll be geared for both of them.

Morning Basket/power hour baskets don’t have to cost a lot of money, they don’t have to have a lot in it, and you don’t need to purchase special items to put in your own basket.

Just use what you already have and use. Unless you want something specifically, there’s no need to try and make it “insta perfect”. Make it something that is going to be useable for your own family.


Let’s be friends! I’m just starting my homeschool journey and I’d love to see and hear all about experiences from others. You can find me on find me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

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