MUST HAVE Homeschool Supplies

There are SO many things out there that can help you homeschool, or that some people say you absolutely NEED to have in order to homeschool, however, even though I’m just starting my homeschool journey, I can already tell you that you don’t need much. I’ve been a mom for over 22 years now, and usually things can be done with very little.

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How much do homeschool supplies cost?

This is a very loaded question and it can vary quite a bit. I heard it once explained that it’s very much like buying a car or a home. The prices can vary and it depends on your budget and what you like.

Decide how much you can or want to spend and go from there. There are a lot of free resources out there, including your local library.

Homeschool supplies

Here are the supplies we are using. Not listed are the basics of paper, crayons, pencils, stapler, hole puncher etc. If there is a specific brand/type I like, I’ll list it but otherwise, plan to have the basics.

  1. Curriculum: I go through what I decided to use here. There are SO many curriculums out there to choose from. I go over why I chose what I did and why. I also go over a few of my second choices. One beautiful thing about homeschool, and there are so many, is that if a curriculum isn’t working for your family, you can switch things up!
  2. White boards/Drawing boards: We use these all the time! My preference is using the drawing boards. No mess no fuss. No additional markers to buy. However, my littles prefer the white boards, so we have these as well. I just pull out one or the other to use. Sometimes it’s the white boards while others it’s the drawing boards. Sometimes I’ll let them choose and they typically go for the white boards.
  3. Morning Basket – I’ve got conflicted feelings about this name, because people tend to think you need to use the contents just in the morning, but in reality, you use them when it’s best for you and your kids. And it doesn’t even need to be in an actual basket. You could just have the contents in a certain spot ready for use. I like to call it our Power Hour.
  4. Library Card – THIS! I feel like libraries aren’t talked about enough. I love using my library. I am constantly putting books on hold that go with whatever topic or theme we have going on at home. When the books are ready for me, I just run in and grab them. We even like to go to story time or even just browsing the books and letting my littles choose books that look interesting to them.
  5. A Good Printer – I always feel like I’m wanting to print something off, whether it’s a worksheet or some type of coloring sheet or even something to display in our home to help visualize a concept. Having a printer that isn’t going to run out of ink after just 25 papers, and that’s easy to use. . .you just can’t beat it. It is a bigger chunk of money upfront but it’s so worth it. This is the one that I have and LOVE it.
  6. Laminator – I don’t use this as much anymore, not now that I have an awesome printer, but I do still love our laminator. It’s handy, especially with younger ones who need extra practice with writing and tracing their name and such. I also love it when I want to display something long term. I just laminate it and know it will last. So worth the money.
  7. Basket per child – I say basket, but this tote is what I plan to get. I don’t have it yet, and I got this idea from my awesome neighbor, but having a space for each child to put their own personal books and papers and then also scissors and any other writing materials and have it all in one place ready to go? Not to mention it is easy to take it on the go if you plan to do school in a different room, outside or even at a different location. I am beyond excited to add this into my arsenal of homeschool supplies. However, you don’t have to buy this, but having a basket/bucket/tote for your child to store their supplies is super handy.
  8. Homeschool planner – Some people may use this to actually plan out their homeschool year. And while that’s great, so far, it’s not quite how I use mine. I like to use it to write down what we actually did for school. Whatever you use it for, it’ll be handy I promise. This is the one that I’ve been using. I’m currently working on one for myself, more of something customized that will work for me.
  9. Flag – I love my country and I want my kids to also love our country as well. We also say the pledge of allegiance and I think it’s important to display our country flag. I also just love flags.
  10. Maps – whether it’s a globe, a map on the wall or whatever, I love having a map displayed is so helpful. My 6 yr old has been asking lots of questions about grandma’s house (who lives hours away) and then Disneyland and also where his big brother lived for 2 years (Georgia and then Panama) so it’s been helpful to show him where places are. I’m not sure he fully grasps it all yet, but I’m a big believer on having visuals for kids.
  11. Butcher paper – Having a roll of white butcher paper is so helpful! I pull it out when we are painting because it makes EASY cleanup or when the kids just want to color or draw. Sometimes I’ll use it as an art project for them to draw on and then display it on our front door (inside the house).
  12. 3 ring binders – I like to have one 3-ring binder for each kid, and plan to have a new one for each year. I will then keep all important papers from the year or papers that I want to remember.

BONUS: Items I want to have

  1. Spiral Binding Machine – I would love to have one of these. I like to make workbooks for various topics and having them in a spiral bound booklet instead of stapled would be so awesome! One day I will have a spiral binding machine.
  2. BIG chalkboard – I would love to have a big chalkboard that I can use for me. Something that I can display our schedule for the day/week, tasks/chores for each person, and then with anything else I feel the need to expand on when doing school.
  3. Paper cutter – I used to have one but after a few moves I no longer have one. So, I’m needing one. The one I had was just a cheaper scrapbook one, but it was sturdy and worked great! The ones now are far cheaper and much flimsier so I’m still on the lookout for a good, inexpensive paper cutter.

Full list

If you’re looking for a full, printable list you can find mine here. The list is free, and you don’t need to buy everything on the list. Look over the list and decide what you want in your own homeschool. You may even add a few items. If you do, let me know what I forgot!

Let’s be friends! I’m just starting my homeschool journey and I’d love to see and hear all about experiences from others. You can find me on find me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

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