Pantry staples: How to stock your own kitchen pantry

This blog post has all the information you need to know how to stock your own pantry. It contains the why and the how and also what I do with keeping my own pantry stocked.

Why you should keep a stocked pantry

Keeping a well-stocked pantry is important when you’re running a household. It can save you time and money. There will always be something in your pantry that you can whip together for a meal for your family. When you keep a stocked pantry, you won’t be tempted (or as tempted) to stop for some fast food on your way home. Plus, you’ll have less frequent trips to the grocery store.

There’s a difference in having a pantry that’s full and a well-stocked pantry that is full of items you use. People can have a pantry that’s chuck full of food and still not be able to put together a meal from what’s in there.

I like having this list for new homeowners or someone who is moving out on their own for the first time.

How to get a stocked pantry

If you’re starting from scratch, and if you can’t go buy everything in one big shopping trip (most people can’t) then give this a try.

You can either grab a few extra items or two each time you go to the store until you have your pantry where you want it to be.

Buying in bulk is another way to help build up your pantry. It will help you be able to have more on hand and keep things in stock for a bit longer.

Set aside a certain amount of money each week and slowly build your stock up.

Keep in mind that when you use from your pantry, that you’ll want to replace it. Also, with this in mind, you’ll want to make sure you rotate through your pantry.

How I keep my pantry stocked

I love having a stocked pantry. It makes meal time so much easier! Also, if I run out of something and I didn’t realize, it’s no big deal because I can just go to my extended pantry and grab a new one off the shelf.

When I do grab something off the shelf I make sure to write it down on my list so that the next time I go to the grocery store, I replace what I just took. You can replace on a monthly basis or a weekly basis. I do my shopping on a weekly basis. I would recommend not going longer than a month to replace items.

I will also write the expiration date on my food if I don’t tend to use the item on a daily basis. For example, my canned goods I will write the date on them. This gives me a visual on how soon things are going to expire in my pantry with just a quick glance at my shelves.

What I keep in my well-stocked rotating pantry

A pantry can be like a closet full of clothes. What people keep in there can be different but there are staples that everyone should have.

You can find, and print off if you’d like, my list of pantry items here.


Thanks for being here, in this space with me. It brings me so much joy providing for my family (even though I hate cooking) and to be able to help others do the same for their own family just fills me with joy.

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