Why I decided to Homeschool.

There are so many reasons why people homeschool. My reasons to homeschool may be the same or different than someone else. But I feel like hearing why someone else is choosing this path for their family can be helpful for others.

**Please note that I am not trying to say anything negative about the public school system or kids that go to public schools. 3 of my children will have graduated by attending public school (2 so far, my 3rd in a few years). Everyone is different, and some people may decide that homeschooling isn’t for them or there are those that would love to homeschool their kids but are unable for one reason or another. We all have different experiences and this is just mine. I feel very fortunate to be able to have this opportunity to have the choice to homeschool some of my kids.

Public school vs Homeschool

I have 5 children total. 3 older children from a previous marriage and then 2 children with my husband. Two of my children have already gone through public school and graduated. My third child is still in public school and will continue that direction for a few years until they graduate.

My fourth child is currently in public school for this school year. However, we are going to homeschool starting next year. How long do we plan to homeschool? I’m not sure. I’d love for it to be a good fit for us and to be able to continue this forever. Time will tell.

My youngest, when the time comes, we also plan to homeschool this child as well.

My reasons

This is kind of hard for to me get my feelings and put words to them. There are so many reasons why we are choosing this path for my youngest two children, but I will try.

My reasons for homeschooling:

  1. Customized learning. This is a big one. And it goes for both advanced kids and kids who need more 1:1. What happens in a classroom if 1 child out 30 in the classroom gets bored because they know the material or they catch on really quick? What happens if 1 out of 30 children doesn’t understand a concept but doesn’t get the help they need and the class continues on? With homeschool, it just seems so much easier to either move on with that child or slow the pace for the child so they don’t get left behind.
  2. 12,000 – 15,000 hours MORE with my kids! I’ve been a mom for 22 years and when I say that time just goes by way too fast, I mean it. With my last two, I’m so excited to be able to cherish this time together and be able to appreciate it.
  3. No bullying – My third child had another parent bully her in elementary. So not only am I saving my last two kids from bullies their own age, but I’m also saving them from the bullies who are parents!
  4. Learn real life skills – This kind of goes along with the customized learning, but it’s also adding to it. I can teach them cooking skills, and incorporate it into their lessons, such as math and science. I can teach them gardening and incorporate that in with their science lessons. There is so much to this!
  5. More time outside – To have the option to be able to go outside ANYTIME and any day is seriously amazing and good for the soul. Really though.
  6. No morning rush – While I do like to have a routine (I think it’s important and teaching some good skills as well) there will also be a leniency to our mornings. We no longer will be rushing to beat a “bell” in the morning. If we need a bit more time for something, we can have it.
  7. Sibling bonding times – When siblings learn alongside each other, they are going to bond and have a relationship unlike any other. Will they still argue and fight? Undoubtedly. But they will also be lifelong friends. I’m excited to be able to witness this.
  8. Flexibility throughout the year – I love the idea of heading down to my parents house that is hours away and not have to call someone to tell them that my own child is going to take some time to visit grandparents. We can also take our school with us! If we are sick, then we can go easy on the lessons or just pause lessons until they are better.
  9. Parent time and bonding – With this extra time I’m getting with my children now that I’m homeschooling, I know that the bond we will share will be greater than if they went to public school. There’s just something about spending day in and day out with someone, learning and teaching and growing alongside them.


These aren’t necessarily reasons why I decided to homeschool, but they sure are bonus things I don’t have to deal with.

  1. No more school traffic! (or buses) I kid you not, 3 times a week I witnessed cars going into oncoming traffic just so they didn’t have to wait in the line of cars trying to get into the school parking lot. Every single week. Totally crazy and super not safe.
  2. No more school emails this is one of those, if you know you know type of things.


Like I said, homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and my reasons may not be reasons for someone else. And that’s ok!

Do you homeschool? Is it something you’re looking into? Let me know! I’d love to hear all your thoughts!

Let’s be friends! I’m just starting my homeschool journey and I’d love to see and hear all about experiences from others. You can find me on find me on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

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