Why I make my own bread and why you should too.

Making homemade bread sounds like a lot of work and old fashioned. It’s also super satisfying. If you know, you know.

However, if you don’t know, you should try baking your own bread. This recipe is super simple and easy.

It can also be versatile, which I’ll explain in a sec.

Homemade bread has less additives than bread you buy in the store. You also control what goes into the bread you make. Whether you use oil or butter, honey or sugar and also how much of each ingredient. Versatile. I prefer to use butter over vegetable oil and honey over sugar. I’ve even baked it using milk instead of so much water.

But I’m all for shelf stable ingredients and the less I need milk for, the better in my book.

Plus, homemade bread just tastes so stinking good. Fresh out of the oven with some butter or jam spread on top? So YUM!

Alright, I’ve made a few different recipes and I finally settled on this one. It has a good taste, but what I really like about it right now is that it doesn’t take any eggs.

Why do I like that? There’s an egg shortage right now. And when you can get eggs, they are so expensive! Hopefully the egg shortage doesn’t last long, but for the moment it’s here.

No eggs in homemade bread makes this bread super inexpensive to make.

Ingredients for homemade bread

Like I said, you don’t need eggs for this recipe. The best part of this recipe is most everyone will have all the ingredients in their pantry already, with the exception of yeast. And as far as I know, yeast isn’t hard to come by currently. If you don’t have any, go buy a bottle.

  • Yeast
  • Sugar (or honey)
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil (or butter)
  • Flour (can use wheat flour if you want)


Start with 2 cups of warm water and put it in a mixing bowl. Add in one and a half tables of yeast, four tablespoons sugar (or honey), three quarter tablespoon of salt, four tablespoons of vegetable and two to two and a half cups of flour.

Mix well.

Once it’s mixed well, add in another two and a half cups of flour.

Mix well.

Cover with a towel and let rise for one hour.

Once the hour is over, dump the dough onto a floured surface and divide it into two separate loaves.

Knead the dough and then shape into loaves.

Cover with a towel again and let rise for ten minutes.

After ten minutes, place them in greased bread pans. Cover with a towel once again and let rise for thirty minutes this time.

Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.


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Rolls instead of bread

I also use this recipe to make homemade rolls. Everything is the same besides the time. I let it cook for 15 minutes before I check the rolls. When they are a nice golden brown, I’ll pull them out.

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