10 things to stock that you might not think about.

These 10 things are things that you can find used that can last forever but also you might not think about.

Food preservation items

Canner – lucky for you, people buy canners and end up not using them or don’t need multiple canners anymore so you can find them used at either garage sales or second hand stores. Just make sure there are no holes in the canners and it’s not warped. You may need to buy a new gasket or something

Dehydrator – Again, people buy them and end up not using them, or mom bought one and never used it, so it gets taken to a secondhand store. It’s an awesome score for you! If nothing else, you can make your own onion powder, garlic powder, chopped onions and green powder.

Garden tools

Look for old garden tools, pails, wheelbarrows, tillers and more. Anything with real wood or iron will last forever. The old ones are going to outlast the newer ones you can buy today. As older homes are cleaned out, things like tools are often taken to goodwill or something.

Glass Lanterns

The glass lanterns are great to have. The older ones have thick glass that will last a long time. Lanterns are a great thing to have in your stash for when the power goes out. If you are able to get your hands on one, make sure you also stock up on wick and any oil that you would need for it.

Carpenter tools (manual)

Having old tools are great they will work great for you for a very long time.

Also look for hand saws and other manual tools. If the electricity goes out it would be so nice to have manual hand tools to have that you can pass onto your children.

Basically, any tool that is manual that you can use regardless of where you are or if there is power or not, would be an amazing asset for you and your family.

Sewing supplies

I’m a sucker for the old school sewing machines that are built into the table. I have a steel singer sewing machine that has a heavy duty pedal that requires no power to run. It will last me a long time. As long as I take care of it. Not to mention it’s a beautiful piece of furniture.

Hand stitching, crocheting and hand sewing tools would be an amazing thing to have in your household and learn how to learn to use them. Then teach your kids. Certain skills are dying with each generation and even if we don’t use it often, I think it is important to know them and to pass knowledge to them.

I’m talking about the stuff your grandma or great grandma used.

Self-defense tools and knives

Old knives made out of true steel, will last longer and it’s something that you can pass onto your children. And how cool would it be to own something that was made 70 years ago. . .

Firearms are also things to look out for. Firearms is something that usually keeps the value so you can never go wrong with them.

Bicycles and scooter

If there is any issue that comes along with our grid, having a bike to use when you can’t use your car would be so much better than walking right? Be on lookout for bikes or even scooters.

It’s also good for exercise as well. It could be very valuable one day.

Manual kitchen and household needs

Think things that a farmhouse kitchen would have. Everything from cast iron, manual can opener (a good one), hand mixer, sifter, potato masher and anything else you find.

They even make manual washers. If you can’t find that, consider a wash board.

Medical and first aid needs

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the local secondhand store and there were so many crutches, walkers and even wheelchairs there.

To someone they may not be worth anything anymore, but to a prepper having something like that on hand just in case can be valuable.

Cast iron

I mentioned this in the manual kitchen area, but I figured it deserved its own little category. People just throw them out because they are of no value to them anymore. They want the Teflon and nonstick pans, but I want something that I can use indoors and outdoors.

Cast iron can last forever if it’s taken care of. Even if it has rust on it, you can do things to remove the rust and get it back in working order.


Thanks for being here, with me and learning what we can about being prepared for whatever life is going to throw at us.

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