Expected Food Shortages for 2023

This is more of a time specific post, and I wasn’t going to type it up but then I realized it will become history and it’s something that I might want to look back on. 

So here it is. 

Shortages have become more and more frequent the last 3 years, for obvious reasons. Global pandemic anyone?

I’ve seen multiple articles reporting about shortages, including “Mashed”. In fact, they are reporting the following possible food shortages for this year:



Vegetable oil 


Hershey candy 





Aluminum canned goods 

Farm grown produce 


But then I’ve seen farmers talk about shortages they are seeing and experiencing so I’m adding to this list. 

I’ve also got a few bonus items I’ve heard about that are not food, but still could affect a lot of people. 

Keep in mind that a food shortage doesn’t mean the food won’t be on the shelf, it could be but it will most likely be more expensive. Expensive to the point of not being able to afford it. 

This list is not in any particular order. 

Wheat (and flour) 

Due to the war in Ukraine, wheat flour is in short supply. Whatever you believe about the war, is not relevant right now. It’s being said that there is, and will be even worse, a shortage. It’s something I’d listen to. 

Also, India, who is the world’s second largest wheat producer, has had record heat waves so they have banned international export of wheat. Yikes. 

Common foods with wheat: 

  • Bread 
  • Cereal 
  • Crackers 
  • Pancakes 
  • Pasta 
  • Pretzels 


The Philippines recently had a poor crop harvest.  

Brazil is focusing more on ethanol, aka alcohol, instead of cane sugar. After a quick google search, Brazil produces the most cane sugar in the world. 


I’m sure we have all heard about the many cases of avian flu recently. 

How relevant is this? Honestly, I’m not sure. But according to some farmers, it could get bad. Chicken prices, like everything else, has gone up. 


Again, the avian flu outbreaks are causing some egg shortages. Are there other things causing egg shortages? Probably but I don’t know for sure. 

Eggs have been in short supply with rising costs for a bit now, and it sounds like it’s just going to get worse. 


I don’t know if you remember, but Texas I believe had trucks with trailers lined for miles with their cattle because they no longer could care for them. Whether it was prices of feed or a lack of water, they couldn’t care for them any longer. I’m sure they weren’t the only ones experiencing this around the nation.

I believe that it takes cattle 2-3 years before the beef can be harvested. That’s a long time. So the shortage could last for a little bit longer. 


This one, from what I can gather and please feel free to enlighten me a bit more, but it’s a supply and demand issue along with production issues. 

There are so many things that are affected by this: 

  • Canned food 
  • Sodas 
  • Beer
  • Cat food 
  • Dog food 
  • Dog food and cat food

I know I mentioned this in the aluminum shortage but also some plants have shut down since the pandemic. 


There’s a shortage from high temps (drought?) and disease in the crops. 

Cooking oils

I’ve tried to figure out why there is and would be a shortage and I’ve actually run into a lot of different reasons. 

And I’m not sure of the sources so I can’t say if it’s true or not. 

But word is out that there will be a shortage. And not just vegetable oil but also palm oil and sunflower oil are ones I’ve seen mentioned a lot. 


Again, I think this one is weather related as well. Mix that with supply chain issues since the pandemic and it’s a mess. 

Corn is in a lot of our food! 

  • Chips
  • Cereal
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (bad for you but in everything!) 
  • Popcorn 
  • Polenta
  • Tortillas 
  • Pet food (another issue with pet food!) 

Oranges and orange juice 

Florida is predicted for their orange crops to be down for the 2nd year in a row. And then California has had some extreme weather that will affect their oranges. 


It’s being blamed on supply-chain issues. Tomatoes are another item that Americans use a lot in their cooking. 

  • Ketchup 
  • Salsa 
  • Pasta Sauce 
  • Diced Tomatoes 
  • Cherry Tomatoes 
  • Sauces 

Baby formula

This one we’ve known about for a bit now. But it is expected to continue on this year. 


Reduced herds, transportation issues, labor and packaging issues are some of the reasons behind the milk shortage. Plastics and cartons, along with employees, are in short supply. 

Think of all things that are produced from a cow/dairy. 

  • Milk
  • Butter 
  • Cream Cheese 
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream 
  • Cream


This one is another one where I’ve read a lot of conflicting things. I’ve read that there has been a shortage and it’s going to continue, and then I’ve read that no there isn’t a shortage and one isn’t expected. 

However, it’s one that “Mashed” said will be in short supply this year so it made it to my list. 


This one is due to a lack of carbon dioxide. It’s been in short supply for a bit, but it’s going to continue. 

And now, with the shortage of aluminum added. . . I don’t know. I know that beer can be in glass as well, but it’s something to look for if you’re a beer drinker. 


If milk is in short supply, that would also mean that there will probably be a butter shortage. But this one deserves its own spotlight for a shortage. Imagine trying to cook without any oils (that will also be in short supply) or butters. No butter for toast. Maybe there will be some at the store but it will be too expensive. 


Cement and concrete 

Labor issues again with this. Mixed with a high demand for cement. 


There’s a lot being said about why there is a medication shortage. It kind of overwhelmed me to the point that I had to stop looking. 

But everything from pain medications, antibiotics to things like Adderall. 

I know people who can’t get their prescription medications for themselves or their kids because no one has it in stock. 

Also, I’ve seen on my local Facebook page that people are constantly looking for children’s Tylenol.  


There is a global sand shortage. Global. Crazy stuff. 


I just read in a Facebook page (so not verified and it seems too early to really know yet) but they said that glass is expected to be in short supply this year as well. 

Time will tell if this one is true (which I hope not!)


Remember the toilet paper situation of 2020? Yeah, let’s not do that again with anything else.

We will get through these shortages. They might be tough, but if we do what can to help our families and prepare now, that can help lessen the stress put on the supply chain, and on your budget.

Thanks for being here, in this space with me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on shortages and what you’re seeing. Find me on Instagram or TikTok and let me know what you’re seeing in your area. It’s crazy how it can be so different in different parts of the country.

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